Playlist – Creating positive social impact

Creating a positive social impact is all about addressing a pressing social issue or challenge.   Many businesses these days choose to focus on making money and making a social impact too.  In 2015 world leaders committed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals including addressing climate change, eradicating poverty and fighting inequality.   The guests we…

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20. John Miles: Improving economic prosperity for workers in Venezuela

Sue Stockdale talks to John Miles, co-founder of iWorker, about why he started up the business and how it helps generate economic prosperity for skilled workers in Venezuela and other countries that are in dire economic situations. John Miles is a Canadian entrepreneur who started his career managing a few small brick-and-mortar businesses just outside of…

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11. Deb Downing and Dennis Borner: Giving up life on land for a Caribbean sailing adventure

    In the autumn of 1999, Deb Downing and Dennis Borner embarked on an atypical retirement adventure.  They sold their home and all their furniture and embarked on what was to become a twelve-year sailing adventure. In this podcast, Sue Stockdale talks to Deb and Dennis to find out how they adapted to living…

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