92. Cori Myka: Helping non-swimmers overcome fear of deep water

In the third of our guest-hosted episodes, Rob Lawrence, podcaster, and coach from episode 42, talks to Cori Myka, from Orca Swim School about how she supports adult non-swimmers often with a fear of deep water to realize their dreams. And it’s all to do with healing the mind. Cori Myka is co-owner of Orca…

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Preview of Series 12

Sue Stockdale previews the guest-hosted episodes that will be featured in Series 12.  They are: Dr. James Kisia: Using mentorship to cultivate leadership in Africa – Guest host Racheal Wanjiku Kigame from episode 12 Pierre Heistein: Recording the story of the Atuel River – Guest host Brendan Davis from episode 58 Cori Myka: Helping non-swimmers overcome fear…

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