social enterprise

97. Roshni Pandey: Embracing freedom and openness for creativity and risk-taking

Roshni Pandey, who is Indian by ethnicity, Fijian by birth, Australian by citizenship, & Singaporean by residence, explains how her experience of freedom, imagination and creativity as a youngster influences her work today as a creative strategy consultant, angel investor and social entrepreneur.¬† She reflects on how self-imposed limitations can get in the way of…

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20. John Miles: Improving economic prosperity for workers in Venezuela

Sue Stockdale talks to John Miles, co-founder of iWorker, about why he started up the business and how it helps generate economic prosperity for skilled workers in Venezuela and other countries that are in dire economic situations. John Miles is a Canadian entrepreneur who started his career managing a few small brick-and-mortar¬†businesses just outside of…

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