65: Jamie Ramsay: Human powered adventuring

Sue Stockdale talks to fellow Scot Jamie Ramsay, an endurance adventure athlete. Jamie has completed over 43,000km of human powered adventuring in 31 countries and 25 different adventures by running, cycling, hiking, skiing, paddle-boarding and mountaineering. He reflects on what motivates him to adventure, as well as his observations about the world through his travel…

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62. Janine Canham: Bringing humanity back to the workplace

Sue Stockdale talks to Janine Canham, Chief Operating Officer of Sanford C. Bernstein in Asia about how she leads her team by showing empathy and building a sense of team spirit. Janine also talks about her love of running, particularly ultra-distance races and draws the parallels between both environments. Janine Canham was born of a…

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