74. Thomas Luther: Sisu – leading the Finnish way

Sue Stockdale talks to Thomas Luther, CEO of Nevel, a green infrastructure company in Finland. He explains the concept of Sisu – the Finnish way of being and explains in the conversation how he embodies this approach in the way he leads the company. Thomas was born in Finland and is happy father of five…

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73. Manuela Gil: Engaging others through purposeful leadership

Sue Stockdale talks to Colombian entrepreneur Manuela Gil, majority owner of Vivaldi Ingenieria Hospitalaria, about how she transformed the family business by building a company driven by purpose. She talks openly about how she overcame her fear of losing control, why you need to listen to your heart, and how engaging clients and employees in conversations…

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64. Lisa Marie Platske: Courageous leadership

Sue Stockdale talks to Lisa Marie Platske, President/CEO, Upside Thinking, Inc. about what courageous leadership means and how she found courage to move on after she was impacted by 9/11.  The conversation touches on how vulnerability, forgiveness and the willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone can help leaders be of greater service to…

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