54. Christian de la Huerta: Curiosity – the key to personal growth

Sue Stockdale talks to Christian De La Huerta, about how curiosity plays an important role in personal growth, enabling us to become aware of sub-conscious patterns of behaviour that may be holding us back from having a fulfilling life. Christian is a personal transformation coach, TEDx speaker, and author of Awakening the Soul of Power,…

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24. Navi Radjou: Consciously reinventing how we live and work

Over the last few months, the pandemic has caused many people to re-evaluate how they live and work. In this episode, Sue Stockdale talks to Navi Radjou about his life and experiences in India, France and USA, and how this has influenced his thinking about how business and society thinks about and practices Frugal Innovation, to do…

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04. Sharron McPherson: Disruption, creating impact and setting big goals

Sharron McPherson, co-founder of the Centre for Disruptive Technologies in South Africa talks to Sue Stockdale about disruption, creating impact and setting big goals. Sharron is a former Wall Street investment banker /attorney turned serial social impact investor. She is one of Africa’s leading experts on the impact of technology disruption on emerging market growth,…

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