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Playlist – Personal Growth

Listening to personal development stories is one of the best ways to add wisdom, insight, colour, and fun to your personal development plan for your work and life. Here are a selection of our guests sharing their learning and experiences. 71. Sue Stockdale inspires people to step into the unknown and explore more of their…

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51. Thomas Andrén: Discovering your dream job using questions

Sue Stockdale talks to Thomas Andrén, about the process he used to identify his dream job by asking himself over 900 questions to discover the answer.  This process took several months and connected Thomas to his mind as well as his body, where he noted down any physical reactions he got when answering the questions….

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33. Felipe Saldarriaga: Coping with unexpected challenges in life

Sue Stockdale talks to Felipe Saldarriaga, a stroke survivor and entrepreneur from Medellin, Colombia about how he coped when faced with this unexpected life changing situation. At age 11 he was left on a wheelchair with a full left side paralysis due to an unexplainable stroke. As a result of this he had to learn…

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