67. Maxim Ivanov: A multi-skilled circus artist

Sue Stockdale talks to Maxim Ivanov a multi-skilled circus artist (handstand balancer, aerialist, juggler) about his career in circus performance. He describes what he enjoys about performing and why he loves trying out new things. Maxim is originally from Kazan, Russia, and was living in Ukraine until recently. Along with his wife Olga, he performs…

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Playlist – Endurance running

Endurance running is unique. Anyone who chooses to run long distances needs the ability to withstand fatigue, and have strong mental as well as physical stamina. The guests featured in this playlist about endurance running, all have seen or experienced the benefits that it can bring, as well as hours of training, and mental energy…

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01. Clive Steeper: Going fast in business and motorsport

Sue Stockdale, co-founder of Access to Inspiration talks to Clive Steeper an executive coach and business leader who is passionate about performance. As a former Tyre Engineer in F1 and Team Manager for a Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance racing team, Clive Steeper has been up close and personal with some of the world’s greatest…

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