Embracing Change and Valuing Education

Change is an inevitable part of life. It is something that we all experience, whether we like it or not. However, how we embrace change can greatly impact our personal growth and success. In the podcast episode 121 “Embracing change and tradition in Norwegian farming,” Sue Stockdale introduces us to Arild and Gyrid, two individuals…

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121. Arild Nydegger Øvre-Eide and Gyrid Dahl: Embracing Change and Tradition in Norwegian Farming

Sue Stockdale talks to Arild Nydegger Øvre-Eide and Gyrid Dahl, from Øvre-Eide farm in Bergen, Norway. Arild, the fifth-generation owner of a small farm, discusses his decision to become a farmer and how his father’s support played a role in his journey. Gyrid who works at the farm explains what motivated her to change career…

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