106. Bertrand Piccard: Combining science and adventure to tackle climate challenges

In today’s world, the term “ecology” often evokes images of sacrifice, expense, and inconvenience. In this final episode of our Climate Solutions series, renowned explorer and environmentalist, Bertrand Piccard explains why focusing on ecology is not only profitable but also exciting. Piccard is best known for his groundbreaking achievements in exploration: flying around the world…

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102. Jojo Mehta: Making change through policy and law

In this episode, host Sue Stockdale interviews Jojo Mehta, the co-founder and executive director of Stop Ecocide International. Jojo talks about the organisations mission of advocating for the criminalisation of ecocide and make the destruction of nature a global crime. She shares her experiences and some of the obstacles she faced while inspiring and influencing…

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Sue Stockdale previews Series Two on theme of leading the way

Sue Stockdale previews Series Two of Access to Inspiration podcast with the theme of Leading the way. She talks about her own background as an adventurer and polar explorer with former TV News Anchor Roger Rocka, and explains why the Access to Inspiration podcast was created. ┬áSeries Two guests include: Lauren Vaitkus – leading the…

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