98. Berit Lewis: Thriving after 50

In this episode 98, Berit Lewis talks with host Sue Stockdale about her personal journey that led her to focus on helping people over 50 thrive in their later stage of life. She discusses how her move to the Netherlands and the loss of her identity as a communication consultant when she brought up her…

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94. Faisal Hoque: Bringing mindfulness to work and life

Faisal Hoque talks to host, Sue Stockdale about how mindfulness has helped him in his life and work by enabling him to be present, patient and accepting the different circumstances he has found himself in. Whether it was at university where he had to work several jobs whilst studying, being let go by the investors that…

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92. Cori Myka: Helping non-swimmers overcome fear of deep water

In the third of our guest-hosted episodes, Rob Lawrence, podcaster, and coach from episode 42, talks to Cori Myka, from Orca Swim School about how she supports adult non-swimmers often with a fear of deep water to realize their dreams. And it’s all to do with healing the mind. Cori Myka is co-owner of Orca…

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