Mental Health

86. Tyrone Mathurin: Driven to succeed

Tyrone Mathurin talks to host Sue Stockdale about being a racing driver in Team BRIT, which aims to become the first ever all-disabled team to race in the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race – the most iconic endurance sportscar race in the world. Whilst riding his motorbike in 2005, Tyrone crashed which caused four nerves…

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83. Brian Sachetta: Overcoming anxiety and depression

Brian Sachetta, software developer and creator of “Get Out of Your Head,” brand and book series talks to Sue Stockdale about how he combines his experiences in the tech world with previous mental health battles to offer practical strategies for evading one’s psychological demons. Brian currently has two books on the market, “Get Out of…

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63. Jeffrey Morse: An astounding recovery journey

Aviator Jeffrey Morse was living an action-filled life, travelling the world with his career in the military and in commercial aviation. Then in 2012, he suffered a brain aneurism, a dissected artery and a paralysis-causing spinal cord stroke. At the age of forty-nine, Jeffrey was told he would likely never walk again. He made a…

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