04. Sharron McPherson: Disruption, creating impact and setting big goals

Sharron McPherson, co-founder of the Centre for Disruptive Technologies in South Africa talks to Sue Stockdale about disruption, creating impact and setting big goals. Sharron is a former Wall Street investment banker /attorney turned serial social impact investor. She is one of Africa’s leading experts on the impact of technology disruption on emerging market growth,…

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02. Harriet Minter: Risk-taking, career change and women’s leadership

Sue Stockdale, co-founder of Access to Inspiration talks to Harriet Minter about risk-taking, career change, and the hot topics in women’s leadership today. Harriet is a journalist, TEDx speaker and is former editor of The Guardian, Women in Leadership section. She writes a monthly column in Psychologies magazine and is a regular speaker on women’s…

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