Playlist – sustainability pioneers

Sustainability is often defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. The guests featured in this playlist about sustainability pioneers, all carry out work that aims to minimise impact on future generations by addressing current challenges in infrastructure, farming, design, cultural identity and conservation. 15. Marlina Moreno…

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16. Sarah Lang: Transforming infrastructure in New Zealand

In this episode, Sue Stockdale talks to Sarah Lang, Project Director at Infrastructure NZ, about how she started with one small idea and put it into practice, which in turn has now transformed the face of the infrastructure sector in New Zealand so that it better represents the diversity of the country’s population. Sarah is…

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Preview of Series Three of Access to Inspiration podcast

Sue Stockdale reflects on the impact that the podcasts have had on listeners to date, and also previews Series Three of Access to Inspiration which will feature conversations with guests from Germany, Greenland and Hong Kong.  The upcoming series includes: Sarah Lang – Transforming the infrastructure sector in New Zealand Virginie Goethais– How sport rehabilitates…

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