49. Nashater Deu Solheim: Relationships are at the heart of leadership

Sue Stockdale talks to Dr Nashater Deu Solheim about how to take care of the relationships that are important to you– be it as a leader, in social circles or within families.  Nashater explains how showing empathy, curiosity, and an interest in the other person can help us to build trust and connection in relationships–…

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Preview of Series Seven on theme of curiosity

Host Sue Stockdale previews Series 7 which is on the theme of “Curiosity” and she highlights a few of the guests that will be coming up in the series.  They include: Thomas Andren worked as a computer technician for 10 years in Sweden. Deciding to change career, he used curiosity to guide his decision-making, which led…

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10. Laurel Herman: Having impact, being influential and using initiative

Laurel Herman is acknowledged as an international expert in every aspect of personal effectiveness.  In this podcast Laurel talks to Sue Stockdale about fifty years of being in business, and how using her initiative to solve problems has taken her into a number of different ventures including concept shopping, an image consultancy and a social enterprise helping…

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