43. Dr Leanne Armitage: Increasing diversity in the medical profession

Sue Stockdale talks to Dr. Leanne Armitage about how a childhood experience, where she witnessed street violence, inspired her to become a doctor. With no medics in her family or social network, Leanne used her initiative to take the necessary steps towards achieving this goal and is now a qualified junior doctor.  During her second…

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07. Loshni Manikam: Improving wellbeing in New Zealand’s dairy industry

What if farming + family does not add up to happiness?  Loshni Manikam, leadership coach and winner of Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year in 2018 talks to Sue Stockdale about how she helps women to thrive in New Zealand’s dairy industry.  To find out more about Loshni Manikam see her LinkedIn Profile.    …

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