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27. Nontuthuko Mgabhi: Running 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents

Sue Stockdale talks to Nontuthuko Mgabhi, General Manager Human Resources at Richards Bay Coal Terminal, South Africa, about the mindset, commitment and preparation it took to successfully run seven marathons in seven consecutive days, on seven continents in February 2020. Nontu became the first African female to complete this challenge, and in the process also…

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Preview of Series Four on theme of sustainability and pioneering

Sue Stockdale previews Series Four, where the theme is sustainability and pioneering. She introduces the first Access to Inspiration Ambassador, Paul Rose, and talks to Matías de Ezcurra​ from Argentina, who edits the podcasts, to find out the effect that the recordings have on him personally. Sue also introduces some of the guests that she will…

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