60. Carrie Cort: Adopting a sustainable lifestyle

Sue Stockdale talks to Carrie Cort, founder of Sussex Green Living about the action she has taken to inspire others in her community to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.  Carrie explains some of the approaches she has taken to do this, including retrofitting a 1974 milk float, organising a pop-up environmental festival using a six-ton…

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45. Hong Hoang: The Vietnamese changemaker

Sue Stockdale talks to Hong Hoang, Founder and Executive Director of CHANGE, a dynamic Vietnamese NGO with the mission to address the country’s most critical environmental issues.  She explains the challenges faced in mobilising young people, and engaging a wider community across Vietnam to tackle climate change, pollution and wildlife trafficking. Under Hong’s leadership, CHANGE…

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03. Keith Crutcher: the brain and its ability to adapt

Dr Keith Crutcher, Neuroscientist, talks to Sue Stockdale about the mysteries of the brain; and why adaptability, curiosity and forgetting is vital for our survival in the fast-changing business world. Keith, a long-established brain scientist, has held faculty positions at the University of Utah and the University of Cincinnati, where he carried out a number…

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