28. Vinay Chandra: The relentless optimism of the entrepreneur

Vinay Chandra, CEO of High Peak Software based in India and Atlanta, USA talks to Sue Stockdale about the highs and lows of being a serial entrepreneur.  Vinay is a versatile and multifaceted entrepreneur who has devoted his creative energy and restless passion into starting and running businesses around the globe. Over the last 25…

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21. Alysia Silberg: Being a Silicon Valley venture capitalist

Sue Stockdale talks to Alysia Silberg about the challenges she faced growing up in South Africa, what it’s like being a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and what she hopes that her long-term legacy will be.  Alysia is Founder and General Partner of Street Global Venture Capital, a global seed stage investment firm, investing in technology…

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20. John Miles: Improving economic prosperity for workers in Venezuela

Sue Stockdale talks to John Miles, co-founder of iWorker, about why he started up the business and how it helps generate economic prosperity for skilled workers in Venezuela and other countries that are in dire economic situations. John Miles is a Canadian entrepreneur who started his career managing a few small brick-and-mortar businesses just outside of…

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