endurance running

68. Caitríona Jennings: The mindset of the long distance runner

Sue Stockdale talks to Caitríona Jennings, an Olympic athlete and current Irish 50km and 100km record holder about the preparation, training and mindset required to perform at the highest level of athletics. Caitríona initially representing her country as a junior triathlete before competing for Ireland in the Olympics and World Championship events. Caitríona has always…

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62. Janine Canham: Bringing humanity back to the workplace

Sue Stockdale talks to Janine Canham, Chief Operating Officer of Sanford C. Bernstein in Asia about how she leads her team by showing empathy and building a sense of team spirit. Janine also talks about her love of running, particularly ultra-distance races and draws the parallels between both environments. Janine Canham was born of a…

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Playlist – Endurance running

Endurance running is unique. Anyone who chooses to run long distances needs the ability to withstand fatigue, and have strong mental as well as physical stamina. The guests featured in this playlist about endurance running, all have seen or experienced the benefits that it can bring, as well as hours of training, and mental energy…

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