77. Elena Rossini: Using creativity for social good

Sue Stockdale talks to Elena Rossini, an Italian artist, writer and activist who uses creativity to improve representation. Elena describes why she feels compelled to focuses on issues of social justice, media representation, and the empowerment of women and girls. Her most notable project is the critically acclaimed documentary The Illusionists, about the globalisation of…

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52. Jenna Howieson: From LGBT learner to educator

Sue Stockdale talks to Jenna Howieson who works as a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion professional in Scotland. She loves travelling, having visited close to 30 countries to date, and reflects that travel helped her explore her identity. Whilst attending a roundtable meeting with the CEO at work on gender and women in the workplace, Jenna…

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16. Sarah Lang: Transforming infrastructure in New Zealand

In this episode, Sue Stockdale talks to Sarah Lang, Project Director at Infrastructure NZ, about how she started with one small idea and put it into practice, which in turn has now transformed the face of the infrastructure sector in New Zealand so that it better represents the diversity of the country’s population. Sarah is…

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