09. John-David F. Bartoe: An astronaut going into space

What’s it like to travel into space? Sue Stockdale talks to Dr. John-David F. Bartoe to find out the answer to this question. He is a retired astronaut, solar physicist and former Research Manager of the International Space Station who travelled over 2.8 million miles, and logged over 190 hours in space. In this podcast…

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06. Riaan Manser: First person to circumnavigate Africa by bicycle

Riaan Manser is an adventurer who has spent over 20 years undertaking some of the worlds most gruelling adventures. He was the first person to circumnavigate Africa by bicycle, and has also circumnavigated Madagascar and Iceland by kayak. In this podcast he talks to Sue Stockdale about his life of adventure and what he has…

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05. Celia Garland: Using curiosity to create your ideal career

Celia Garland, Glass Blower and Naturalist, talks to Sue Stockdale about creating a career that she loves by following her passions. As a child Celia had a love for art and the outdoor world. Through a series of adventures as a child – including hiking the Appalachian Trail, her love for art and the outdoors…

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