73. Manuela Gil: Engaging others through purposeful leadership

Sue Stockdale talks to Colombian entrepreneur Manuela Gil, majority owner of Vivaldi Ingenieria Hospitalaria, about how she transformed the family business by building a company driven by purpose. She talks openly about how she overcame her fear of losing control, why you need to listen to your heart, and how engaging clients and employees in conversations…

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Bonus episode from Coaching Perspectives podcast

In this bonus series on Leadership and Learning we share episodes from other podcast series we recommend. They feature inspirational people that our host, Sue Stockdale has interviewed. This guest episode is from the Coaching Perspectives podcast series published by the Association for Coaching. Host, Sue Stockdale talks to Dan Hoffman, founder and CEO of…

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How podcasts can be used to learn the art of listening

We seldom ponder why is it that we think about something in a particular way, or what leads us into believing that something is true or not and who planted the seed to the thought in our mind.  Answering such questions lead us to a lot of soul-searching and that exactly was my experience of listening…

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