60. Carrie Cort: Adopting a sustainable lifestyle

Sue Stockdale talks to Carrie Cort, founder of Sussex Green Living about the action she has taken to inspire others in her community to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.  Carrie explains some of the approaches she has taken to do this, including retrofitting a 1974 milk float, organising a pop-up environmental festival using a six-ton…

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45. Hong Hoang: The Vietnamese changemaker

Sue Stockdale talks to Hong Hoang, Founder and Executive Director of CHANGE, a dynamic Vietnamese NGO with the mission to address the country’s most critical environmental issues.  She explains the challenges faced in mobilising young people, and engaging a wider community across Vietnam to tackle climate change, pollution and wildlife trafficking. Under Hong’s leadership, CHANGE…

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Playlist – sustainability pioneers

Sustainability is often defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. The guests featured in this playlist about sustainability pioneers, all carry out work that aims to minimise impact on future generations by addressing current challenges in infrastructure, farming, design, cultural identity and conservation. 15. Marlina Moreno…

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