91. Pierre Heistein: Recording the story of the Atuel River

Pierre Heistein talks to Brendan Davis, from episode 58, about the documentary film he made telling the story of Atuel River in Mendoza region, Argentina. In 2020 there were protests against the overturning of a water protection law that had successfully kept water-intensive mining projects out of the Mendoza province, the largest wine-producing region in Latin…

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36. Caitlin Crommett: A millennials’ approach to solving intergenerational differences

Sue Stockdale talks to Caitlin Crommett about the work she is doing to solve intergenerational differences, and in particular, her foundation DreamCatchers, which serves to fulfil the final dreams of hospice patients through chapters run by youth in high school or college. Caitlin Crommett describes herself as a Millennial. She is a 2015 graduate of the University…

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