123. Danielle McDonough: The power of mindset on athletic performance

In episode 123 we explore the world of sports and mindset mastery with Danielle McDonough, a former professional ice hockey player turned mindset coach. Danielle shares her journey from the ice rink to coaching, emphasising the importance of overcoming self-doubt to achieve peak performance. Host Sue Stockdale talks to Danielle about athlete psychology, imposter syndrome,…

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76. Susan Murphy: Communicating with your authentic voice

Sue Stockdale talks to Susan Murphy, a broadcast voice coach who helps young broadcasters find and use authentic voice and pitch. In this conversation Susan describes how to access your best vocal pitch, why audio and voice has become more important recently, and what causes some of her clients have tears in their eyes when…

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54. Christian de la Huerta: Curiosity – the key to personal growth

Sue Stockdale talks to Christian De La Huerta, about how curiosity plays an important role in personal growth, enabling us to become aware of sub-conscious patterns of behaviour that may be holding us back from having a fulfilling life. Christian is a personal transformation coach, TEDx speaker, and author of Awakening the Soul of Power,…

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