109. Monica Parker: Exploring the power of awe and wonder

Slowing down and engaging in activities that quiet the brain can bring more wonder into our lives. Monica Parker talks to host Sue Stockdale about how practicing mindfulness and being observant allows us to cultivate a slower thought process, which is essential for experiencing wonder. Additionally, exposing ourselves to new ideas, new perspectives, and new…

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81. Abigail Griebelbauer: Neurodiversity meets storytelling

Sue Stockdale talks to Abigail Griebelbauer, who decided to start writing and publishing children’s books. She didn’t see the representation of neurodiversity in books, particularly picture books, while growing up which sparked the idea behind the first book. After teaching for a couple of years, Abigail decided to pursue a dream of living abroad. Though…

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55. Chaewon Yoo: Cycling along the Silk Road

Sue Stockdale talks to Chaewon Yoo from Korea, about her adventure to cycle along the ancient network of trading routes known as the Silk Road, and what she learned about commerce and life along the way. Chaewon cycled over 8500 kilometres through 14 countries from Shanghai to London. Despite her cycling companion dropping out along…

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