11. Deb Downing and Dennis Borner: Giving up life on land for a Caribbean sailing adventure

    In the autumn of 1999, Deb Downing and Dennis Borner embarked on an atypical retirement adventure.  They sold their home and all their furniture and embarked on what was to become a twelve-year sailing adventure. In this podcast, Sue Stockdale talks to Deb and Dennis to find out how they adapted to living…

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Sue Stockdale previews Series Two on theme of leading the way

Sue Stockdale previews Series Two of Access to Inspiration podcast with the theme of Leading the way. She talks about her own background as an adventurer and polar explorer with former TV News Anchor Roger Rocka, and explains why the Access to Inspiration podcast was created.  Series Two guests include: Lauren Vaitkus – leading the…

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06. Riaan Manser: First person to circumnavigate Africa by bicycle

Riaan Manser is an adventurer who has spent over 20 years undertaking some of the worlds most gruelling adventures. He was the first person to circumnavigate Africa by bicycle, and has also circumnavigated Madagascar and Iceland by kayak. In this podcast he talks to Sue Stockdale about his life of adventure and what he has…

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