98. Berit Lewis: Thriving after 50

In this episode 98, Berit Lewis talks with host Sue Stockdale about her personal journey that led her to focus on helping people over 50 thrive in their later stage of life. She discusses how her move to the Netherlands and the loss of her identity as a communication consultant when she brought up her…

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41. Amy Henderson: Building a better future for working parents

Sue Stockdale talks to Amy Henderson, one of the USA’s leading voices on the critical role of parenting and caregiving has in developing the future of work.  Amy talks about her own experiences as a working parent, the challenges she faced, and some of the research and data from neuroscience that explains how showing up for…

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33. Felipe Saldarriaga: Coping with unexpected challenges in life

Sue Stockdale talks to Felipe Saldarriaga, a stroke survivor and entrepreneur from Medellin, Colombia about how he coped when faced with this unexpected life changing situation. At age 11 he was left on a wheelchair with a full left side paralysis due to an unexplainable stroke. As a result of this he had to learn…

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