Here are some questions to help you reflect on a podcast episode after you listen to it.


 – What did you find most inspiring?

 – Did you share parts of the podcast with others?

– What stayed with you after listening and how did you take that into your life beyond the podcast?

– What draws you to listen to one podcast episode over another?

– If you could put into words how the interview has impacted you, what would you say?

– Has it affected your reflections around how you might be an inspiration to others?  If so, how?

We would also love to hear from you and get your feedback about what you enjoyed or learned from the episodes.

You can contact us directly here, or send us a voice message, or via social media on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

We also host facilitated listener discussions so that you can hear from others and discuss reflections and learning on a particular series.

The Access to Inspiration podcast is more than just a series of interviews; it is a catalyst to inspire change within people across the globe. Through the powerful stories it shares, we encourage listeners to step into the unknown, embrace challenges, and make meaningful contributions to their own lives and the broader world.


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