Preview of Series 18

Welcome to the Access to Inspiration podcast. I’m Sue Stockdale, your host for this series. Now we’re launching Series 18 next week. And I thought before we did that, it would be useful to tell you about the types of guests that we have on our episodes. The guests on our show come from a diversity of backgrounds and industries and people often ask me, what are the commonalities?

Well, the first thing is our guests are not celebrities. They’re real people who each have a compelling story to share. They’ve often overcome significant challenges or embarked on extraordinary adventures. And these journeys inspire and motivate our listeners. Secondly, they have a degree of expertise and passion. Whether that science, the arts, sports, business, or even social impact their expertise allows them to provide valuable insights and knowledge. Many of them are innovators and thought leaders who are pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box. And they’re often presenting fresh ideas and approaches that challenge, conventional wisdom. They’re all committed to making a difference. A common thread is their dedication for making a positive impact on the world. And whether that’s through their own professional work or their personal endeavours. They’re striving to contribute to society and inspiring others to do the same.

And finally, each guest provides a diverse perspective. They come from various cultures, industries, and geographies, and it’s this diversity that enriches and broadens the inspiration that we provide. All of these areas ensure that each episode of the Access to Inspiration podcast will provide our listeners with inspiring motivational and thought provoking content.

You can now listen to 127 episodes on the website at Access to  And you can also read our impact report with feedback from our listeners and our guests.

I hope you can join me next week when my guest will be Ricardo Brito who explains how he managed to recover from burnout and reinvent his career. And later in the series, we have a guest hosted episode, as well as another guest who’s been recommended by a previous guest. If you want to keep connected to us in between times we are on all the social media channels, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, just search for Access to Inspiration.

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