Preview of Series 16

Sue Stockdale previews Series 16 of Access to Inspiration podcast highlighting some of the guests to be featured over the next few weeks – including:
  • Georgina Bark, known as Bo shares her passion for dry stone walling. We will also discuss the solo nature of dry stone walling with Bo talking about how she enjoys the sounds of nature while working outside.
  • We will also dive into the world of sliding doors moments with singer Bruce Parker. Get ready to be inspired by his incredible unexpected adventure and how he realised the power of listening to your inner voice when you find yourself in a difficult situation.
  • And we kick off next week with Aneela Rose, founder of Rose Media Group and a champion powerlifter. Aneela is a force to be reckoned with! Not only is she a successful PR professional, but she’s also a World and British powerlifting champion.Tune in to hear how she balances it all and manages her busy life.

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Producer: Sue Stockdale
Sound Editor: Matias De Ezcurra