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71. Sue Stockdale: Exploring potential

Eveline Van Den Heuvel takes over the host’s role to interview Sue Stockdale. She discovers how Sue inspires people to step into the unknown and explore more of their own potential. Sue, who usually hosts this podcast series, is a motivational speaker and executive coach working with leaders in some of the world’s top companies….

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May 25, 2022

70. Sophie Dow: No mind should be left behind

Sue Stockdale talks to Sophie Dow, a former freelance correspondent, writer, and founder of the Salvesen Mindroom Centre about what happened when she went on a search to discover a diagnosis for her daughter Annie, who had learning difficulties, and how it led to her to starting up a charity. Sophie’s search took her to…

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May 18, 2022

69. Sanzar Kakar: Trading is key to the Afghan spirit

Sue Stockdale talks to Sanzar Kakar about his life as an entrepreneur in Afghanistan, how he measures success, and how the company pivoted to support the recent humanitarian crisis in the country. Sanzar Kakar is the Chairman of Afghanistan Holding Group, a 13-year-old private firm with 350 Afghan team members that has served over 700…

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May 11, 2022

68. Caitríona Jennings: The mindset of the long distance runner

Sue Stockdale talks to Caitríona Jennings, an Olympic athlete and current Irish 50km and 100km record holder about the preparation, training and mindset required to perform at the highest level of athletics. Caitríona initially representing her country as a junior triathlete before competing for Ireland in the Olympics and World Championship events. Caitríona has always…

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May 4, 2022

67. Maxim Ivanov: A multi-skilled circus artist

Sue Stockdale talks to Maxim Ivanov a multi-skilled circus artist (handstand balancer, aerialist, juggler) about his career in circus performance. He describes what he enjoys about performing and why he loves trying out new things. Maxim is originally from Kazan, Russia, and was living in Ukraine until recently. Along with his wife Olga, he performs…

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April 27, 2022

66. Vicki Tough: Working at height

Host Sue Stockdale talks to Vicki Tough, an arborist, tree climbing Instructor and Rope Access Level 3 Work at Height professional about the highs and lows of her job and finds out about the Big Canopy Campout, and annual tree top event that connects tree climbing and forest enthusiasts around the world. Vicki grew up in…

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April 20, 2022

Preview of Series Nine

Sue Stockdale introduces some of the guests she will be speaking to in Series 9 of Access to Inspiration podcast. They include two people whose career requires them to work at height: Vicki Tough, an arborist, tree climbing Instructor and Rope Access Level 3 – Professional Work at Height professional and Maxim Ivanov, a multi-skilled…

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April 13, 2022

65: Jamie Ramsay: Human powered adventuring

Sue Stockdale talks to fellow Scot Jamie Ramsay, an endurance adventure athlete. Jamie has completed over 43,000km of human powered adventuring in 31 countries and 25 different adventures by running, cycling, hiking, skiing, paddle-boarding and mountaineering. He reflects on what motivates him to adventure, as well as his observations about the world through his travel…

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March 9, 2022

64. Lisa Marie Platske: Courageous leadership

Sue Stockdale talks to Lisa Marie Platske, President/CEO, Upside Thinking, Inc. about what courageous leadership means and how she found courage to move on after she was impacted by 9/11.  The conversation touches on how vulnerability, forgiveness and the willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone can help leaders be of greater service to…

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March 2, 2022

63. Jeffrey Morse: An astounding recovery journey

Aviator Jeffrey Morse was living an action-filled life, travelling the world with his career in the military and in commercial aviation. Then in 2012, he suffered a brain aneurism, a dissected artery and a paralysis-causing spinal cord stroke. At the age of forty-nine, Jeffrey was told he would likely never walk again. He made a…

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February 23, 2022

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Preview of Series 11 on health and wellbeing

Series 11

Sue Stockdale previews some of the guests in Series 11 which will focus on various aspects of health and wellbeing, including physical, mental, and social connectedness. Upcoming guests include: Abigail Griebelbauer, a dyslexic children’s book author who includes characters with dyslexia and ADHD Sebastian Rohr, a tech entrepreneur working in the field of Identity and Access…

79. Dailyn Matthews: Stuntwoman and adventure photographer

Series 10

Adventure and action are commonplace for this week’s podcast guest, Dailyn Matthews, a stunt woman and adventure photographer. She explains to host, Sue Stockdale about the mindset and degree of preparation required to appear on set ready to be in a fight scene, car chase or plunge headfirst into a tank of water wearing a…

78. Manny L: Being a corporate exec and entrepreneur

Series 10

Sue Stockdale talks to Manny L, a health food entrepreneur, senior leader at a Fortune 500 company and an advisory board member of a process improvement think tank. Manny explains how uses his corporate knowledge of technology and efficiency in the health food start-up, Heavens Pantry he runs with two friends. Manny L is a…

77. Elena Rossini: Using creativity for social good

Series 10

Sue Stockdale talks to Elena Rossini, an Italian artist, writer and activist who uses creativity to improve representation. Elena describes why she feels compelled to focuses on issues of social justice, media representation, and the empowerment of women and girls. Her most notable project is the critically acclaimed documentary The Illusionists, about the globalisation of…

76. Susan Murphy: Communicating with your authentic voice

Series 10

Sue Stockdale talks to Susan Murphy, a broadcast voice coach who helps young broadcasters find and use authentic voice and pitch. In this conversation Susan describes how to access your best vocal pitch, why audio and voice has become more important recently, and what causes some of her clients have tears in their eyes when…

75.Adeyanju Olomola: Overcoming imposter syndrome

Series 10

Sue Stockdale talks to Adeyanju Olomola about her transition from a twenty-year career in a corporate organisation to running her own business as a Certified Professional Coach. Adeyanju reflects on: • What imposter syndrome is, and how to overcome it • The reality of how long it can take to get a paying client •…

74. Thomas Luther: Sisu – leading the Finnish way

Series 10

Sue Stockdale talks to Thomas Luther, CEO of Nevel, a green infrastructure company in Finland. He explains the concept of Sisu – the Finnish way of being and explains in the conversation how he embodies this approach in the way he leads the company. Thomas was born in Finland and is happy father of five…

73. Manuela Gil: Engaging others through purposeful leadership

Series 10

Sue Stockdale talks to Colombian entrepreneur Manuela Gil, majority owner of Vivaldi Ingenieria Hospitalaria, about how she transformed the family business by building a company driven by purpose. She talks openly about how she overcame her fear of losing control, why you need to listen to your heart, and how engaging clients and employees in conversations…

72. Paul Zak: Immersion neuroscience – measuring what the brain loves

Series 10

Sue Stockdale talks to Dr Paul J. Zak about how neuroscience can help podcasters, entertainment companies and employers to measure what the brain loves, and why that’s important.  Paul is a professor of economics, psychology and management at Claremont Graduate University and is ranked in the top 0.3% of most cited scientists with over 170 published…

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