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108. Kevin Chapman: Discovering our physical intelligence

In this episode, host Sue Stockdale welcomes Kevin Chapman, co-founder of the Physical Intelligence Institute. Kevin shares his passion for helping people perform at their best by understanding and utilizing the full potential of their bodies. He introduces the concept of physical intelligence and explores how our bodies can impact our confidence and anxiety levels….

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September 13, 2023

107. Gary Fildes: Being inspired by dark skies and stars

In episode 107 of the Access to Inspiration podcast, host Sue Stockdale interviews Gary Fildes, an astronomer and the founder of the Keilder Observatory in the UK. Gary’s passion for astronomy and his encyclopedic knowledge of the subject have contributed to the success of the observatories he has worked at. They discuss the distinction between being…

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September 6, 2023

106. Bertrand Piccard: Combining science and adventure to tackle climate challenges

In today’s world, the term “ecology” often evokes images of sacrifice, expense, and inconvenience. In this final episode of our Climate Solutions series, renowned explorer and environmentalist, Bertrand Piccard explains why focusing on ecology is not only profitable but also exciting. Piccard is best known for his groundbreaking achievements in exploration: flying around the world…

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July 19, 2023

105. Professor Dame Anne Glover: The importance of communication in science

In this episode of our podcast, host Sue Stockdale has a conversation with Professor Dame Anne Glover, President of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. Anne explains why effective communication is vital in science and geography. Whether it’s encouraging more people to pursue science or communicating the importance of research findings, clear and effective communication is…

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July 6, 2023

104. Roisin Hyde: Reducing the environmental impact of concrete

Concrete is one of the most widely used building materials in the world, with one third of global resources going into its production. However, the production of concrete has a significant impact on the environment, and there is a growing need for sustainable alternatives. Host Sue Stockdale interviews Roisin Hyde, a chartered architect specialising in…

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July 5, 2023

103. Iain Stewart: Empowering communities to adapt to climate change

In this episode, Professor Iain Stewart, an expert in geoscience and sustainability, highlights the need for the scientific community to communicate differently to engage communities in developing sustainable climate solutions, learning to move away from the ‘tell and sell’ approach, to one of ‘sense and respond’ in order to build trust. Iain explains to host,…

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June 27, 2023

102. Jojo Mehta: Making change through policy and law

In this episode, host Sue Stockdale interviews Jojo Mehta, the co-founder and executive director of Stop Ecocide International. Jojo talks about the organisations mission of advocating for the criminalisation of ecocide and make the destruction of nature a global crime. She shares her experiences and some of the obstacles she faced while inspiring and influencing…

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June 20, 2023

101. Mike Robinson: Collaborating for climate solutions

In this podcast Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society talks to host, Sue Stockdale, about his adventurous and philanthropic background, and how experience on an expedition to Borneo inspired him to give back to the environment, and gain self-confidence. Mike outlines his work at the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, its function…

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June 14, 2023

100. Simeon Wood: Music makes you feel good

In this milestone 100th episode of Access to Inspiration, Sue Stockdale talks to multi-talented musician, educator, and composer Simeon Wood. With 30 years of experience as a guest entertainer on various cruise lines, Simeon shares his journey of incorporating humour, integrity, and passion into his performances. Sue and Simeon discuss the importance of having a…

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May 9, 2023

99. Vic Ferrari: From Bronx kid to NYPD Detective

Who would have thought that a Bronx-born rookie cop would go on to become a successful author, giving readers an intimate look into the world of law enforcement? Vic Ferrari’s unexpected journey reveals the powerful connection between his deep love for the NYPD and his mission to share his experiences through his writing. In this…

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May 2, 2023

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117. Sue Stockdale: Building trust and psychological safety

Series 16

In this episode 117 of the Access to Inspiration podcast, former guest Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim (episode 49) talks to Sue Stockdale. Sue discusses her experiences as an adventurer and athlete, focusing on her journey to the Magnetic North Pole. She talks about her initial curiosity and decision to apply for the expedition, as well as…

116. Bruce Parker: The opportunity that was too good to be true

Series 16

In episode 116 of the Access to Inspiration podcast, host Sue Stockdale interviews singer and entertainer Bruce Parker. They discuss Bruce’s love for soul and Motown music, which he grew up with in Inglewood, Los Angeles. Bruce shares his experiences of touring in China and encountering a dangerous situation with the Chinese triads. The episode…

115. Georgina Bark: Exploring the craft of dry stone walling

Series 16

In episode 115, host Sue Stockdale speaks with Georgina Bark, also known as Bo, a dry stone waller. Bo shares her journey of leaving an office job behind to pursue a career outdoors and why she enjoys her work. Bo emphasises that problem-solving is a crucial aspect of her job, both in building walls and…

114. Aneela Rose: Balancing powerlifting, business, and family

Series 16

In this episode 114 of the Access to Inspiration podcast, host Sue Stockdale interviews Aneela Rose, the founder of PR agency Rose Media Group and a world and British powerlifting champion. Aneela shares her journey of embracing a growth mindset and how it transformed her life personally and professionally. Learn about Aneela’s challenges of balancing…

Preview of Series 16

Series 16

Sue Stockdale previews Series 16 of Access to Inspiration podcast highlighting some of the guests to be featured over the next few weeks – including: Georgina Bark, known as Bo shares her passion for dry stone walling. We will also discuss the solo nature of dry stone walling with Bo talking about how she enjoys…

113. Elise Wortley: Finding inspiration in nature

Series 15

In this episode, Elise Wortley joins Sue Stockdale to discuss her adventure in the Canadian wilderness for the Channel 4 TV show “Alone”. She shares her experience being dropped in the middle of nowhere and having to fend for herself in the wild. Elise reflects on the challenges and rewards of immersing herself in nature,…

112. Bettina Ovgaard: The wonder of Greenland

Series 15

In this episode of the Access to Inspiration podcast, host Sue Stockdale interviews Bettina Ovgaard, a versatile professional who has pursued a career by following her curiosity. Bettina shares her experiences working in various industries, including costume design for film, leading tours in the Arctic, and serving as Chief of Civil-Military Cooperation for Joint Arctic…

111. Paulo Savaget: Unlocking potential where others see scarcity

Series 15

Have you ever come up against rules, procedures, or obstacles that make it incredibly difficult to create change? This week’s guest shares some brilliant examples of organisations that have successfully overcome these challenges. Sue Stockdale interviews Paolo Savaget, Associate Professor at Oxford University, about his work in transforming unjust systems through workarounds and entrepreneurship. He…

110. Dr. Poornima Luthra: Demonstrating active allyship

Series 15

In episode 110 of the Access to Inspiration podcast, host Sue Stockdale interviews Dr Poornima Luthra, an associate professor at Copenhagen Business School. They explore the concept of active allyship and discuss ways to overcome the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing when supporting diversity and inclusion within organizations. Poornima is the founder…

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