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62. Janine Canham: Bringing humanity back to the workplace

Sue Stockdale talks to Janine Canham, Chief Operating Officer of Sanford C. Bernstein in Asia about how she leads her team by showing empathy and building a sense of team spirit. Janine also talks about her love of running, particularly ultra-distance races and draws the parallels between both environments. Janine Canham was born of a…

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February 16, 2022

61. Zach Moreno and Rock Felder: Making an impact in podcasting

Sue Stockdale talks to Zach Moreno and Rock Felder, co-founders of SquadCast to discover how they are making an impact in podcasting. She learns how they collaborate and inspire others based on their values of listening, transparency, and flexibility, and hears their thoughts on how the podcasting industry will evolve in the future. SquadCast is…

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February 9, 2022

60. Carrie Cort: Adopting a sustainable lifestyle

Sue Stockdale talks to Carrie Cort, founder of Sussex Green Living about the action she has taken to inspire others in her community to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.  Carrie explains some of the approaches she has taken to do this, including retrofitting a 1974 milk float, organising a pop-up environmental festival using a six-ton…

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February 2, 2022

59. Jennifer Wilde and Dan McClure: Systems innovation: reimagining ideas and solutions

Sue Stockdale talks to innovation strategists Jennifer Wilde and Dan McClure about how to reimagine systems and navigate through the complexity that exists when addressing big challenges, such as organisational change or the aftermath of a humanitarian disaster. They explain how to avoid overwhelm, why pictures or drawings can help bring clarity, and outline four…

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January 26, 2022

58. Brendan Davis: Creating impact through the lens of filmmaking

Sue Stockdale talks to Brendan Davis, a writer-director-producer working internationally in film & TV about what his work involves; what makes an award-winning film, and how filmmaking can transcend some of these silos that people find themselves in. Brendan’s career began his entertainment career in Atlanta in 1990, moved to Los Angeles in 2002, and…

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January 19, 2022

57. Results from our impact survey

When we started this podcast series, we wanted to make a difference.  So during 2021 we conducted an impact survey to evaluate our results. This episode provides the findings from the survey, including feedback from listeners, guests and our team. Sue Stockdale talks to Racheal Kigame and Salome Gathoni who volunteered to design our 2021…

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January 12, 2022

Bonus episode from Coaching Perspectives podcast

In this bonus series on Leadership and Learning we share episodes from other podcast series we recommend. They feature inspirational people that our host, Sue Stockdale has interviewed. This guest episode is from the Coaching Perspectives podcast series published by the Association for Coaching. Host, Sue Stockdale talks to Dan Hoffman, founder and CEO of…

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December 29, 2021

Bonus episode from the Conscious Leader podcast

In this bonus series on Leadership and Learning we share episodes from other podcast series we recommend featuring inspirational people that our host, Sue Stockdale has interviewed. This guest episode is from The Conscious Leader podcast published by The Learning Curve. Sue Stockdale talks to Paul Tennant OBE, who until recently was Chief Executive at…

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December 22, 2021

Bonus episode from the Association for Coaching podcast channel

In this bonus series on Leadership and Learning we highlight other podcasts that feature inspiring guests. This week’s episode is from the Coaching in the Workplace series which is part of the Association for Coaching Podcast Channel.  Sue Stockdale talks to Jen Kidby, Director of Talent and Leadership Development at Grant Thornton Canada, about the…

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December 15, 2021

Bonus episode from the Clusters podcast

In this short series on Leadership and Learning to highlight other podcasts that feature inspiring guests, our guest episode this week is from the Clusters podcast. The worldXchange foundation exists to advance the education and the capability of communities to shape positive sustainable change through collaborative, action led programmes across the world. “Clusters” is one…

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December 8, 2021

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71. Sue Stockdale: Exploring potential

Series 9

Eveline Van Den Heuvel takes over the host’s role to interview Sue Stockdale. She discovers how Sue inspires people to step into the unknown and explore more of their own potential. Sue, who usually hosts this podcast series, is a motivational speaker and executive coach working with leaders in some of the world’s top companies….

70. Sophie Dow: No mind should be left behind

Series 9

Sue Stockdale talks to Sophie Dow, a former freelance correspondent, writer, and founder of the Salvesen Mindroom Centre about what happened when she went on a search to discover a diagnosis for her daughter Annie, who had learning difficulties, and how it led to her to starting up a charity. Sophie’s search took her to…

69. Sanzar Kakar: Trading is key to the Afghan spirit

Series 9

Sue Stockdale talks to Sanzar Kakar about his life as an entrepreneur in Afghanistan, how he measures success, and how the company pivoted to support the recent humanitarian crisis in the country. Sanzar Kakar is the Chairman of Afghanistan Holding Group, a 13-year-old private firm with 350 Afghan team members that has served over 700…

68. Caitríona Jennings: The mindset of the long distance runner

Series 9

Sue Stockdale talks to Caitríona Jennings, an Olympic athlete and current Irish 50km and 100km record holder about the preparation, training and mindset required to perform at the highest level of athletics. Caitríona initially representing her country as a junior triathlete before competing for Ireland in the Olympics and World Championship events. Caitríona has always…

67. Maxim Ivanov: A multi-skilled circus artist

Series 9

Sue Stockdale talks to Maxim Ivanov a multi-skilled circus artist (handstand balancer, aerialist, juggler) about his career in circus performance. He describes what he enjoys about performing and why he loves trying out new things. Maxim is originally from Kazan, Russia, and was living in Ukraine until recently. Along with his wife Olga, he performs…

66. Vicki Tough: Working at height

Series 9

Host Sue Stockdale talks to Vicki Tough, an arborist, tree climbing Instructor and Rope Access Level 3 Work at Height professional about the highs and lows of her job and finds out about the Big Canopy Campout, and annual tree top event that connects tree climbing and forest enthusiasts around the world. Vicki grew up in…

Preview of Series Nine

Series 9

Sue Stockdale introduces some of the guests she will be speaking to in Series 9 of Access to Inspiration podcast. They include two people whose career requires them to work at height: Vicki Tough, an arborist, tree climbing Instructor and Rope Access Level 3 – Professional Work at Height professional and Maxim Ivanov, a multi-skilled…

65: Jamie Ramsay: Human powered adventuring

Series 8

Sue Stockdale talks to fellow Scot Jamie Ramsay, an endurance adventure athlete. Jamie has completed over 43,000km of human powered adventuring in 31 countries and 25 different adventures by running, cycling, hiking, skiing, paddle-boarding and mountaineering. He reflects on what motivates him to adventure, as well as his observations about the world through his travel…

64. Lisa Marie Platske: Courageous leadership

Series 8

Sue Stockdale talks to Lisa Marie Platske, President/CEO, Upside Thinking, Inc. about what courageous leadership means and how she found courage to move on after she was impacted by 9/11.  The conversation touches on how vulnerability, forgiveness and the willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone can help leaders be of greater service to…

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