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Access to Inspiration podcast

Our podcast has as social mission.

To encourage you to reflect on the world differently. On how we can all inspire one another.

Interviews with people who are authentic, purposeful and are making an impact. 

Latest Episodes

73. Manuela Gil: Engaging others through purposeful leadership

Sue Stockdale talks to Colombian entrepreneur Manuela Gil, majority owner of Vivaldi Ingenieria Hospitalaria, about how she transformed the family business by building a company driven by purpose. She talks...

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72. Paul Zak: Immersion neuroscience – measuring what the brain loves

Sue Stockdale talks to Dr Paul J. Zak about how neuroscience can help podcasters, entertainment companies and employers to measure what the brain loves, and why that’s important.  Paul is...

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Preview of Series 10

Sue Stockdale, podcast host and author of EXPLORE: A Life of Adventure, previews some of the upcoming guests in Series 10 and suggests three ways that listeners can get...

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Featured Guests

Milena Cvijanovich

‘I can’t imagine creating without an interaction with other people.’

1333E8E6-C27D-4B05-9C7C-60573FFEA698_1_201_a - Christian de la Huerta

‘Curiosity is the key to personal growth.’


‘Its important to be able to zoom out and see yourself from different angles.’

Nashater Deu Solheim, Progressing Minds.

“Leaders do not need to have the answers to everything. It’s not a requirement’’ 

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