Our Team

Sue Stockdale

Sue Stockdale

In 1996, I became the first UK woman to reach the Magnetic North Pole, something I never imagined was possible. It made me realise we all have so much potential, but we often just need some inspiration to get started. By listening to the experiences of other people, I hope that you reflect on your capabilities and the impact that you can have on the world. Listen to my story here. 

Clive Steeper winning at Brands Hatch

Clive Steeper

Inspiration has the power to change how we think and what we do.  As a youngster I wanted to be a racing driver, and after responding to an advert in the press, I began my career in motorsport as a Tyre Engineer working in F1. I work with Sue to plan what we want to learn from our guests, and act as a catalyst to keep us improving what we do.  Listen to my story here. 

Matías de Ezcurra

With 15 years of professional experience and a Degree in Electroacoustic Music Composition, and another in Sound Recording and Mixing, I help to make the podcasts sound great for our listeners.  Listen to my story here. 


Tanatswa Gwande

Tanatswa Gwande

Tanatswa is skilled in devising and executing digital communication strategies to enhance brand awareness, drive fundraising and business development initiatives. She designed and produced our second Impact Report in 2024 demonstrating the social impact of our podcast worldwide.  Find out more about Tanatswa here. 


Racheal Kigame and Salome Gathoni

Racheal and Salome designed, curated and produced our first Impact Report  demonstrating the social impact our podcast has on listeners, guests and the team that work on the podcast.  Listen to Racheal and Salome’s story here.



Our Partners

BBC Radio WIltshire

BBC Radio Wiltshire

We were proud to partner with BBC Radio Wiltshire who republished a number of our podcast episodes on the Evening Live show with James Thomas.



Royal Scottish Geographical Society

For Series 13 on Climate Solutions we partnered with Royal Scottish Geographical Society, a dynamic educational charity, founded in 1884 with a rich history of inspiring people to discover more about the world around them.


Altitude ESports

Altitude Esports are an online racing team that was founded in 2020. Competing at the highest level, they race in multiple series and special events throughout the year including, but not limited to, 24 / 12 / 6 hour races and multiple month leagues. 

Our Ambassadors

We are delighted that our ambassadors share our belief that inspiration can play a role in encouraging people to maximise their potential, and they help us to share the podcast with a wider community. 

Paul Rose

Paul Rose

Paul was our first Ambassador. One of the world’s most experienced science expedition leaders, and former Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society, Paul is Expedition Leader for the National Geographic Pristine Seas Expeditions.   He was Base Commander of Rothera Research Station, Antarctica for ten years and was awarded HM The Queens Polar Medal.  Listen to Paul’s  story here.


Kevin is a champion of  Access to Inspiration and a keen advocate of helping people discover their potential. He is co-founder and Director of the Physical Intelligence Institute, and a trustee of the Comedy School.  Listen to Kevin’s  story here.