There are many inspirational people in the world with amazing stories to share.

You won’t find celebrities in this podcast – but you will find amazing people, including adventurers, aspiring leaders and an astronaut.

 Whilst they may be from different countries, cultures, backgrounds, generations, jobs, and have other hobbies and interests to you, they share many things in common with all of us. 

They are individuals with energy, enthusiasm and passion. They have discovered ways to achieve more than they imagined was possible. Each of their amazing stories has the power to strengthen, shape, and challenge our views of the world.

We hope each conversation causes you to transcend your day to day challenges, ignite new possibilities within you, and take action to explore your potential. 

Each podcast is around 30 minutes in length where Sue Stockdale talks to someone about their life, experience and/or work.  In her engaging style, she discovers what their interests are, how it has shaped their lives and work, and what they have learned as a result.

These episodes are full of wonderful little gems. It's so wonderful to hear how different people instigate inspiration by sharing what they are passionate about. Sue has a great ability to ask questions to get the storytelling going.
Eveline van den Heuvel
a listener from the Netherlands

Access to Inspiration is a not for profit podcast. In 2021 we produced an impact report to evaluate the impact that the series has had on our listeners, our guests and the wider podcasting community.


Read the report and discover why our stories inspire listeners worldwide.