Where podcasts are most popular

Today is International Podcast Day. Here are some stats in the infographic to show where podcasts are most popular. Our Access to Inspiration Podcast statistics show that listeners are located over 17 countries including UK, US, India, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mozambique and Serbia. According to a recent Neilsen report, Podcasting Today, the fastest…

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Celebrating our 50th episode

‘Part of the excitement of our podcast and why inspiration is so important is because we’re all interconnected. You do something that I see as admirable or that I never imagined was possible, and then you tell me the story, I begin to think to myself, maybe I could do that too’ Today we achieved…

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The thinking behind the podcast – “our secret sauce”

Our Access to Inspiration host Sue Stockdale was a guest on the Podcast Junkies podcast series talking about why we created the podcast in a series format, as well as the thinking that goes into how we put the podcast together to try to achieve a wonderful experience for each guest in the conversation.  

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