Playlist – Adventurers and Explorers

These guests are all adventurers who have tracked, explored and travelled in remote parts of the world. 89. Alex van den Heever is a wildlife tracker and author who worked for many years at the famous Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. 84. Myrtle Simpson, legendary adventurer who was the first woman to ski across…

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Transformation begins in the mind

Our Podcast Host Sue Stockdale recently delivered a presentation at the TEDxRoyalHolloway event on the theme of Transformation Begins in the Mind.

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Playlist – Adventurers heading into the unknown

Finding out about others’ adventures can inspire us to step into the unknown ourselves. The idea of new possibilities and things to be discovered can encourage us to take risks, and find out what we are capable of achieving. ¬†We have created an Adventurers heading into the unknown playlist featuring five guests who have all…

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