Month: June 2024

Launch of 2024 Impact report

The Access to Inspiration podcast, a not-for-profit platform dedicated to uplifting and motivating listeners through compelling conversations is proud to announce the release of its 2024 Impact Report, highlighting the podcast’s achievements and measuring how it creates a social impact. The findings underscore the significance of the guest experience. Notably, over 40% of Access to…

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Reduce plastic additives for recycling

Episode 127 of the Access to Inspiration podcast highlights the importance of reducing plastic additives for recycling in order to address the challenges of plastic waste management. The speaker Monique Maissan, discusses the various types of plastics and the additives that are added to them for marketing and branding purposes. These additives make it difficult…

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Persistence leads to positive change

Persistence leads to positive change. This is a powerful message that is exemplified in the work of Sofia Heinonen, a conservationist who has dedicated her life to restoring ecosystems in Argentina. Through her organisation, Rewilding Argentina, Sofia has been able to bring back biodiversity to the Ibera Wetlands, a region that was once devoid of…

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