Impact goes beyond profit

Impact goes beyond profit. This is a key theme that emerges from the podcast episode 125 featuring Lucy Constable Fernandez, Managing Director of Raleigh International. In the conversation, Lucy discusses the transition of Raleigh International from a charity to a limited company, highlighting the importance of maintaining the organisation’s vision, mission, and positive impact on communities and individuals. She emphasises that while financial stability is crucial, the true measure of success lies in the impact that Raleigh has on the young people it serves and the communities it engages with.

Lucy’s perspective challenges the traditional notion that success in business is solely determined by profit. Instead, she emphasises the importance of measuring impact in multiple dimensions. Firstly, she discusses the significance of community and environmental projects that Raleigh undertakes, focusing on partnerships with local communities and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This approach ensures that Raleigh’s projects are meaningful, sustainable, and beneficial to the communities they serve.

School in Kenya with young children in front of it

Secondly, Lucy highlights the impact on the young people who participate in Raleigh expeditions. She emphasizes the development of leadership, confidence, and team-working skills among the participants, and the importance of measuring this impact through surveys and feedback mechanisms. By constantly evaluating and improving the program, Raleigh ensures that it is delivering on its promises and providing tangible benefits to the young people involved.

The discussion between Lucy and Jeremy Fish, Co-Chair of the UK Raleigh Alumni Society raises important questions about the role of businesses in creating positive impact beyond financial gains. Lucy’s insights suggest that businesses can and should prioritise social and environmental impact alongside profitability. By focusing on serving communities, empowering individuals, and creating sustainable partnerships, businesses can contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world.

In conclusion, the podcast highlights the idea that impact goes beyond profit. Businesses, whether they are charities or limited companies, have a responsibility to consider the broader implications of their actions and prioritize social and environmental impact. By adopting a holistic approach to measuring success, businesses can create meaningful change and contribute to a more just and sustainable society. Lucy’s perspective serves as a valuable reminder that true success is not just about the bottom line, but about the positive impact we have on the world around us.

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