Royal Scottish Geographical Society partners with Access to Inspiration podcast to spread climate change message

Access to Inspiration, founded in 2019, published its 100th podcast episode recently and continues to innovate in the burgeoning podcast space. The podcast has announced a partnership with the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) to record a series focused on climate solutions and encouraging people to be more actively climate conscious.

The series will feature a range of guests who will share their insights on ways to create a more sustainable future by using creativity, campaigning, and collaborating with business, including JoJo Mehta, Co-Founder of Stop Ecocide, Roisin Hyde, whose TED Talk on Geopolymers has had over 30,000 views and Bertrand Piccard who successfully flew around the world in a solar-powered airplane.

Both RSGS and Access to Inspiration share values of being inspiring and informative as well as championing a global perspective as podcast host, Sue Stockdale, commented “our podcast provides access to diverse voices, inspirational stories, and broader perspectives, which can help listeners to reflect on their views of the world, what they can achieve and how they can be inspirational. The world faces many challenges and people need inspiration to believe they can have a positive impact – and this partnership will provide opportunities to share inspirational messages about creating a more sustainable future’.

 “We are pleased to be working in partnership with the Access to Inspiration podcast” commented RSGS Chief Executive Mike Robinson. “At RSGS, we are no strangers to promoting inspiration – hosting around 100 talks across Scotland every year for our Inspiring People talks programme, where we bring stories of science, journeys and adventure. We believe that it is not only important to inform people about key issues, we must do so in a way that inspires them to believe that things can be different, especially on critical long-term issues like climate change.  We can’t wait to get started, and have already organised a line-up of great speakers and leaders in the field of sustainability.”

About RSGS

 The Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) founded in 1884 has a rich history of inspiring people to discover more about the world around them. RSGS is a small, dynamic, educational charity, working across Scotland and beyond to promote greater geographical understanding of people, places and the planet. Despite its size it is increasingly viewed as one of the most dynamic geographical societies in the world today. Striving to inform people about the key issues that affect them, inspire them that things can be different, and convene cross-sectoral groups to influence positive change.

About Access to Inspiration


Access to Inspiration podcast launched in 2019 with a social mission to encourage listeners to reflect on the world differently.  It is ranked in the top 10% of most popular podcasts globally, according to Listen Notes, and was the first podcast in the industry to publish an Impact Report in 2021 showing how much the podcast had impacted listeners, guests, and those who work on the show. Podnews described it as a good report card for a podcast and could be emulated by others.