Playlist – Adventurers and Explorers

These guests are all adventurers who have tracked, explored and travelled in remote parts of the world.

89. Alex van den Heever is a wildlife tracker and author who worked for many years at the famous Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa.

84. Myrtle Simpson, legendary adventurer who was the first woman to ski across the Greenland Ice Cap in 1965.

79. Dailyn Matthews, stuntwoman and adventure photographer who travels around the world capturing images in extreme locations.

65. Jamie Ramsay, an endurance adventure athlete who has completed over 43,000km of human powered adventuring in 31 countries.

55. Chaewon Yoo cycled along the network of trading routes known as the Silk Road,  a distance of over 8500km through 14 countries.

56. Mick Dawson became the first person to successfully row across the North Pacific from Japan to San Francisco, along with Chris Martin.

40. Karen Espley describes herself as an accidental adventurer and has travelled to Antarctica, New Zealand and West Africa.

23. Paul Rose spent 10 years as Base Commander in Antarctica.

09. John-David F. Bartoe is a retired astronaut, solar physicist and former Research Manager of the International Space Station

06. Riaan Manser was the first person to circumnavigate Africa by bicycle