Playlist – Interesting Careers

These guests all have interesting careers that are a little out of the ordinary…..

81. Abigail Griebelbauer decided to start writing and publishing children’s books

69. Sanzar Kakar is an entrepreneur in Afghanistan, and his company pivoted to provide support for the humanitarian crisis in the country

66. Vicki Tough is an arborist, tree climbing instructor and Rope Access Level 3 Work at Height professional

51. Thomas Adren is a Certified Swedish Classic Massage Therapist who discovered this dream job by asking himself over 900 questions

44. Josh Wasserman is a design thinker and insights expert to designed a pregnancy prototype for RNIB

25. Major Becky Frater is a military helicopter pilot and instructor and led the Royal Navy Black Cats Helicopter display team

26. Jonathan Cook is a dairy farmer who produces raw milk from a herd of 50 cows

05. Celia Garland is a glass blower and naturalist  who now educates people about the amazing places they visit onboard ship.

13. Christopher Phin led the creation of a podcast strategy at Scottish publishers DC Thompson Media

39. Denise Nurse is an award winning entrepreneur, solicitor, coach and TV presenter

67. Maxim Ivanov is a multi-skilled circus artist – handstand balancer, aerialist and juggler

34. Lory Mitchell Wingate followed her interest in astronomy to create a successful career in that area of science