Playlist – Communication

Communicating effectively is vital to people in business and in life. These guests all talk about different aspects of communication including voice, using silence, communicating between generations, podcasting and audio.

76. Susan Murphy is a broadcast voice coach who describes how to access your best vocal pitch, why audio and voice has become more important recently, and what causes some of her clients have tears in their eyes when they find their authentic voice.

61. Zach Moreno and Rock Felder founders of Squadcast talk about how they collaborate and inspire others based on their values of listening, transparency, and flexibility, and they reflect on how the podcasting industry will evolve in the future.

42. Rob Lawrence a podcast producer, coach and mentor, talks about how the combination of sound and language can influence our emotions and can be a catalyst to create change.

36. Caitlin Crommett explains about the work she is doing to solve intergenerational differences in communication, and in particular, through her foundation DreamCatchers, which serves to fulfil the final dreams of hospice patients through chapters run by youth in high school or college.

32. Joni Deutsch talks about the importance of making space for silence, and how she amplifies underrepresented voices through her work as a broadcaster and podcast host.