Playlist – Health and Wellbeing

Listen to three guests talk about different aspects of health and wellbeing:

87. Dr Sarah Gilchrist FBASES spent over 20 years working in the high-performance sport industry latterly as a Technical Lead for the English Institute of Sport and Senior Physiologist with British Rowing. Her doctorate specialises in sleep and athletic performance, and she now provides consultancy on a range of performance areas, particularly relating to sleep health.

46. Nic Marks, statistician and Founder & CEO, Friday Pulse talks about the work he has done on measuring happiness and why it’s important to businesses, governments and countries, as well as individuals.  Described by one client as a “statistician with a soul”, Nic has been working in the field of happiness and wellbeing for over 25 years.

24. Navi Radjou, reflects on his life and experiences in India, France and USA, and how this has influenced his thinking about how business and society thinks about and practices Frugal Innovation, to do better with less.