Celebrating our 50th episode

‘Part of the excitement of our podcast and why inspiration is so important is because we’re all interconnected. You do something that I see as admirable or that I never imagined was possible, and then you tell me the story, I begin to think to myself, maybe I could do that too’

Today we achieved a milestone – publishing our 50th podcast episode! It’s been quite a journey over the last 18 months, talking to guests from 15 countries, and bringing their insights and stories to you, with the aim of inspiring you to reflect on your values, beliefs and the world around you – and what you are capable of achieving.

If an episode has encouraged you to do something differently, or stop and reflect, allowing you to transcend your day to day challenges, and see new possibilities – then it’s made an impact.

We are now one of the top 10% most popular shows out of 2,633,732 podcasts globally, as ranked by Listen Score.

Series themes have included:

  • Curiosity
  • 21st century change-makers
  • Sustainability and pioneering

To mark this occasion, for Episode 50 we invited back our first guest, and co-founder of the podcast Clive Steeper to interview host Sue Stockdale about what she has learned from hosting the podcast, as well as more about her background as a polar explorer, coach and speaker.

Listen to the episode or read the transcription:

We are in the process of conducting research on the impact of the podcast series to date, so take a moment to complete the listener survey.

Thank you to all the guests that have so eloquently shared their stories on the podcast….and excited to continue to the next 50!