Playlist – Endurance running

Endurance running is unique. Anyone who chooses to run long distances needs the ability to withstand fatigue, and have strong mental as well as physical stamina. The guests featured in this playlist about endurance running, all have seen or experienced the benefits that it can bring, as well as hours of training, and mental energy needed to keep going – even when you don’t want to.

29. Barry Fudge talks about what enables the world’s best endurance runners to deliver medal-winning results time and time again. He was Physiologist, Head of Science and the Head of Endurance at British Athletics for over a decade where he constructed a world-leading endurance program, supporting the best athletes including Sir Mo Farah.

27. Nontuthuko Mgabhi talks about the mindset, commitment and preparation it took to successfully run seven marathons in seven consecutive days, on seven continents in February 2020.  She became the first African woman to complete this challenge.

17. Virginie Goethals an ultra-runner who has completed races from 100k to 100 miles, explains how her love of the outdoors and running long distances accidentally inspired her to set up a non-government organisation in Hong Kong helping refugees rebuild their mental and physical strength through running and hiking.

68. Catriona Jennings, Olympic athlete and current Irish 50km and 100km record holder, talks about the preparation, training and mindset required to perform at the highest level of athletics.

62. Janine Canham is also another ultra-distance athlete who is also COO of Sanford C. Bernstein in Asia, and explains how she draws parallel between her work and her running.