Playlist – sustainability pioneers

Sustainability is often defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. The guests featured in this playlist about sustainability pioneers, all carry out work that aims to minimise impact on future generations by addressing current challenges in infrastructure, farming, design, cultural identity and conservation.

15. Marlina Moreno and Shannon Noelle Rivera are two dynamic women working in the conservation sector (a conversation filmmaker and a conservation scientist). They explain the importance of collaboration as well as outline some of the projects they are involved in around the world.

19. Nauja Bianco is a native Greenlander whose career has been within government, diplomacy and international relations.  She talks about why cultural identity is becoming more important for Greenlanders and those living in the Nordic Countries.

16. Sarah Lang is the Project Director at Infrastructure New Zealand. She explains how she put one small idea into practice, which focused on creating a more diverse community within the infrastructure sector, in order to better represent the country’s population.

26. Jonathan Cook, a farmer in England looking after 50 cows that produce raw milk which he sells on his farm, now adopts a regenerative approach to farming in order to look after the land. He believes that by educating the public about its health benefits, as well as where their food comes from, is an important element of his work.

30. Milena Cvijanovich is a designer and architect from Monaco, who focuses on sustainable luxury and connects those who create innovative design and utilise upcycling, with those consumers who are interested in where products come from, and want a more sustainable lifestyle.

Total Listening time 1 hr 51 mins