Playlist – Entrepreneurs, creators and disruptors

Entrepreneurs, creators and disruptors are the mission driven instigators of change. Their ability to see past “what is” and imagine “what could be” enables them to create new futures for business, and society. This playlist features five guests who have founded and grown businesses and they share their insights about the ups and downs of their experiences.

28. Vinay Chandra is CEO of High Peak Software based in India and Atlanta, and has founded and operated numerous businesses on three continents. He talks about why relentless optimism and persistence is needed to keep going when faced with numerous setbacks in ones’  entrepreneurial journey.

21. Alysia Silberg grew up in South Africa which shaped her significantly, and is now a multi-industry self made entrepreneur, running a Silicon Valley venture capital firm.  She is recognised as one of the greatest visionaries, and change makers working today, particularly for her focus on startup ecosystem development, inclusive and diversified entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment.  She shares what she hopes her legacy will be in years to come.

04. Sharron McPherson is co-founder of the Centre for Disruptive Technologies in South Africa, and has had a positive impact on over 1 million people, and has raised over $1 billion in investment to create sustainable jobs.  She says that disruption is really about the personal journey of the people within organisations, and if they are not willing to be uncomfortable, it takes a lot longer than anyone anticipates.  Listen to more of her words of wisdom in this podcast.

10. Laurel Herman might describe herself as a reluctant entrepreneur, when she began almost fifty years ago by advertising used designer clothes for sale in a magazine. She has gone on to be an international expert in every aspect of personal effectiveness, and pioneered the idea of concept shopping.  Laurel explains how serendipity brought about some of her ventures, as well as the importance of having a problem solving mindset.

20. John Miles, a Canadian who enjoys travelling, was in South America when he teamed up with another entrepreneur after spotting an opportunity for connecting skilled workers in Venezuela to companies in North America and carry out virtual work for them.  Today, iWorker has over 700 clients and helps generate economic prosperity for skilled workers in several countries that are in dire economic situations.   John explains why they believe in doing good, as well as generating profits, and how attention to customer service is vital.

Total listening time 1 hour 56 mins