Playlist – Creating positive social impact

Creating a positive social impact is all about addressing a pressing social issue or challenge.   Many businesses these days choose to focus on making money and making a social impact too.  In 2015 world leaders committed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals including addressing climate change, eradicating poverty and fighting inequality.   The guests we feature in this creating positive social impact playlist are all involved in activities that are having a positive impact on the world.

31. Anne Pleun van Eijsden is on a mission to create a healthy paper industry.  She founded Paper on the Rocks, a scale up that wants to promote tree-free paper alternatives, and wanted to build a company in a way that worked for her, not following traditional rules.  Anne Pleun talks about how she is motivated to change something in the world, and how she has progressed in the business to date.

24. Navi Radjou is a leadership thinker who wants to influence how business and society thinks about, and practices Frugal Innovation, to do better with less.  His TED talk has been viewed over 2 million times.  He explains in this podcast that the COVID situation has caused many people to reflect on how they live and work, and he explains how he measures success in terms of the soulprint he leaves (the ideas and thoughts he leaves behind, and the souls he had touched in his work).

20. John Miles is co-founder of iWorker, a company creating positive social impact by connecting skilled workers in Venezuela and other countries in dire economic circumstances, to companies in North America that require virtual assistance.  He explains how they can make money and make a difference at the same time.

17. Virginie Goethals co-founded RUN, an organisation in Hong Kong that focuses on trauma rehabilitation through sport and education.  She reflects on how her love of running and the outdoors inspired her to set up this organisation and the impact that it has had on those who are involved in it.

14. Amelia Lin talks about the role that books and education had on her life growing up, and how that influenced her desire to record her parents’ life stories.  This led her to starting up Saga – the app that brings families closer together by sharing their life stories.

12. Racheal Wanjiku Kigame understands first hand the challenges of the most vulnerable in society, having been brought up in a slum.  She is now Country Program Director of Help A Child in Kenya and shares her leadership lessons in this podcast.

Total listening time 2 hours 20 mins